Underwater fashion photography offers a unique way of displaying garments. Hair floats as if in space and dresses and other garments of fashion take on new forms that would be unachievable out of water. Underwater photography is unique, fascinating and beautiful. I have undertaken a number of underwater fashion shoots and they are without doubt the most interesting of all fashion shoot types and also the most rewarding. They are also the most problematic and definitely the hardest to make work. This kind of big challenge is something I love to get stuck into. Underwater shoots require meticulous planning, thought out pre meetings with the client/ designer, etc, and careful venue visits as well as procurement of items both creative and technical.

All my underwater fashion shoots have been in swimming pools and some of the challenges have been keeping underwater backdrops from floating away with the water currents caused by the models and the team, keeping props in position, and making sure the models and team are 100% happy, confident and experienced in an underwater environment. Like most things, experience is the key and I can now say that I can largly pre empt issues before they happen. It's all about planning, planning and planning!

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